Hi! I’m Nicole

I am Social Entrepreneur and Social Impact Strategist with over two decades of experience. My journey has transformed me into a beautiful combination of student, teacher, leader and lifelong adventurer.

I also discovered the power of Surrender in my journey and through the Mastery of Surrendering, I was able to achieve many goals and overcome numerous challenges and losses.

I was raised and nurtured by a village that taught me that being kind wasn’t weak, being curious wasn’t nosy and being resourceful wasn’t wasteful.
I am an Award Winner, Global Woman Leader, Keynote Speaker, Change Agent, Wellbeing Advocate, Writer, Teacher and Author.
I spend my time building sustainable education and interventions that will empower and develop human capacity.
I am Caribbean born and Globally Inspired!

How it Started!

When I was a little girl, I always wanted to be a teacher. I would spend hours creating homework assignments, writing on the blackboard and speaking to my imaginary students.

Fast forward when I graduated from my alma Mater St. George’s College and my then principal accepted my request to volunteer whilst the school was awaiting an assigned Physical Education and Language Teacher. I showed up on the first day of school, having graduated months before. It was memorable! It was also the turning point! I am still a teacher and that’s the most exciting part of being intentional.

Now, I teach women and girls to emBRAce their bodies, feel empowered and live a confident life!

How it Started!

Women’s Health

Social Entrepreneurship

Social Impact Strategist

Global Women’s Leadership

How to Reach Me!

I look forward to connecting with you. There are may ways my expertise and experience can add value to your personal leadership or organizational impact.

I am here to serve! I was born to use my voice for change. All of my school reports said ‘Nicole is always talking’ and that turned out to be quite accurate!

I am always talking to women, girls, communities and I am always talking about ways to improve and change the world and our circumstances.

I am always talking about Breast Health, Women’s Health, Breast Empowerment, Social Impact and Social Innovation. I am a Change Agent at heart!

Yes, what my teachers wrote on my school report became my journey, my mission and my passion.

Need to Connect

Ready To Surrender

Ready To Surender is an unconventional and uncomplicated pocket-book of peace, power and purpose that can find its way into any setting. Based on the personal experience of simplifying the more academic traditions of silence, solitude and surrender, this friendly little companion is the ideal pocket-book for all our moments of indecision and fear.

Order Ready to Surender – USD $10.00

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Where women like you can learn how Surrender Can Become Your Superpower! While Living With Ease. Growing With Love.

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Author Nicole – Ready To Surrender

I’m Nicole the author of Ready Surrender and your Surrender become Surrender Sister! It wasn’t always easy for me, but once I started, it became so liberating!

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